Post Incorporation Services



[2]Investment/brokerage account

[3]Transfer of Domicile


Name Reservation

Articles of Amendment

Document Notarization

Company Search

Power of Attorney

Company Restoration


Certificate of Good Standing

Legal Opinions


Change of Name

Change of Directors and Officers

[6]Provision of US EIN Number

Merger or Consolidation


[1] Prestige provides various Banking Products including Corporate and Personal Bank Account, Debit Cards, credit cards


[2] We will assist in providing the required documents for opening Trading account at a Broker firm of your choice.


[3] Nevis Laws permits The Transfer of Domicile from a foreign Country into Nevis.  The island also provides for Emergency Transfer of Domicile.


[4] A Company that wishes to be Dissolved must file Articles of Dissolution with the Registrar of Companies


[5] This is the highest form of Notarization from the Office of Registrar of Companies and Trusts.  A Stamp/Certificate to validate the signature of the Registrar of Companies and Trusts.  This stamp bears the signature of the Legal Advisor to the Government.  CLICK HERE to see a list of countries that recognize the "Apostille".


[6] We can get a US EIN (Employer Identification Number) for your Nevis Company.  

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