The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance - Enacted in 1995 this Ordinance is the best in the International financial marketplace taking into account and addressing the latest requirements of the United States Internal Revenue Service. With the enactment of the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance (LLC), the island of Nevis boasts the most state-of-the-art LLC legislation in the world, aimed at solving many of the problems that perturb lawyers and business persons using or hoping to use LLC's. The Nevis LLC is a business entity that provides an alternative to those who might consider using corporations or partnerships.

The Nevis LLC Ordinance permits planners to structure their Nevis LLC in any manner that suits their particular needs. The Nevis LLC can be used for any business venture or professional practice anywhere in the world outside Nevis, including international financing arrangements, for U.S. or non U.S. operations, real estate holdings, manufacturing concerns and operational or investment vehicles for offshore trusts.


  • Absolutely no taxes are levied in Nevis on income gained outside of Nevis by a Nevis LLC.
  • Nevis permits -ONE MAN LLC. The manager can also be the member.
  • LLC members may assign their interests to other parties.
  • The Ordinance allows for LLCs formed in other jurisdictions to be re-domiciled to Nevis.
  • A Nevis LLC is not required to issue any share or shares to commence operations.
  • No shareholders are required upon or after formation of the LLC
  • Corporations are permitted to act as Managers and Members
  • LLCs may have limited life.
  • LLCs may amend their articles of organization, merge or consolidate with other domestic or foreign LLCs or other entities.
  • LLCs may keep their records anywhere.
  • As oppose to the NBC, LLCs does not require appointment of directors or officers.
  • A manager of a Nevis LLC is entitled to keep Confidential from the members, any information in the nature of trade secrets.
  • Management of the LLC may be by the members or by the managers appointed by the members. Members are not liable for the obligations of the LLC.
  • No residency requirements for managers, members or any other officers of the LLC
  • No requirements for financial or annual reports to be filed
  • Flexible Management Structure

Forming a Limited Liability Company in Nevis is Fast, Easy and not to mention very cheap.


Complete our LLC application form. You have a choice of completing and submitting form online or downloading and sending us hard copies. (Please be sure to send along the required supporting documents)

Ensure that the necessary fees are sent in advance so that your order could be processed. If we're not in receipt of the necessary fees we can not process your order.

CONTENTS OF YOUR CORPORATE KIT: (Corporate kits are shipped via FedEx)
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Certificate of Formation
Government Endorsement Certificate
Articles of Organization   [ Download ]
Certificate of Notary   [ Download ]
Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent   [ Download ]
First Manager(s) Appointment  
Resignation of Organizational Rights  
Draft Minutes of First Manager's Meeting
Register of Manager's and Officers(s) (Exhibit A)
Certificate of Ownership(s)
Operating Agreement [ Download ]
Company Seal (Optional)
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