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Economic Citizenship Program



The Government of St.Kitts and Nevis introduced their “Economic Citizenship Program” well over a decade ago and to date it is still attracting many professionals, groups, expatriates and even the average individual from all corners of the world.


The program has been tried, tested and proven to be the best across the Eastern Caribbean with its efficiency, professionalism and affordable fees being the leading factors towards this success.


Recent research indicates that there are only 2 countries in the Caribbean that offers The Economic Citizenship Program…Dominica & St.Kitts/Nevis.


It is quite an easy process to obtain Citizenship in the federation of St.Kitts & Nevis. With a minimum investment of US$350,000.00 one is eligible for this program. Investment may be in the form of Real Estate, Government Treasury bonds, Charity Donations.


Just in case you have not been informed and you may be wondering at this moment what benefits would be derived from becoming a Citizen of St.Kitts and Nevis, below speaks to some interesting benefits:


1.  You will be covered under the St.Kitts and Nevis Constitution as a Citizen and have Full Residency Status.

2.    You will have Tax Free status on capital gains, foreign income, gifts, wealth and inheritance tax.

3.    You will be eligible to vote in Elections in St.Kitts/Nevis.

4.    Rights to Freedom of Dual citizenship is permitted, you will not be required to notify your country of birth and not be required to reside in St.Kitts/Nevis.

5.    You will be entitled to Visa-Free Travel to up to 80 countries including: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and most British Commonwealth countries.

6.    You will receive St.Kitts/Nevis passport which is relatively easy to renew. If a family applies each person will get their individual passport.

7.    You will have the right to own Land and not have to deal with the hassle of applying for Alien Land Holding License.



Below lists the few steps towards approval and unto obtaining your passport:


*     Step 1 The First order of business is to decide on what type of Investment you will engage in.  As indicated above The Government of the federation accepts “for this program”, Investment in the form of Real Estate (Land or House and Land), purchase of Treasury Bonds from the Nevis Island Administration or proof of a Charity Donation towards a Government Department or a significant NGO in the community.  We at Prestige Trust Company can assist you with locating a plot of Real estate on Nevis or St.Kitts and the Legal Procedures in obtaining your Certificate of Title.  We invite you to visit Prestige Real Estate, a program designed specifically for EC (Economic Citizenship) where you can choose from a listing of Lands, Mansions and Beach Front Properties.  All of these properties are over 350K the minimum investment amount for qualification. We also can coordinate with the government on your behalf for the purchase of Treasury Bonds or acceptance of Charity donation.     



At this point you need to become familiar with the relevant fees


Prestige fee for basic co-ordination of the process is US$5000.00.  Depending on the technicality and amount of work we may have to engage in along the way this particular fee may be higher.  

      The registration fees applicable will be:

A. US$35,000.00 or its equivalent in East Caribbean currency for head of household (male or female) or any other adult.

B. US$15,000.00 or its equivalent in East Caribbean currency for either spouse.

C. US$15,000.00 or its equivalent in East Caribbean currency for each child under 18 years, and

D. US$35,000.00 or its equivalent in Eastern Caribbean currency for unmarried dependant child of the applicant between the ages of 18 and 25.

There are two other fees payable to the government outlined in Step 2 below and Step 4.

Please note there will also be other fees depending on the type of investment you chose. For example if you decide to buy Land there is a Transfer of ownership Tax that is payable to the Government which is 12% of the purchase price of the property. (6% Seller and 6% buyer)…similar arrangement also applies to House & Land. Legal fees also will apply and this could vary depending on the amount of work involved.


*        Step 2       After securing a minimum Investment of US$350K you will then need to purchase from the Office of National Security the Economic Citizenship Application form.  The cost for this is US$250.00 per application.  (As per policy of the National Security Office)



*        Step 3  Proceed to fill out the form.  The supporting documents to be submitted along with the form are:


1.    Certified Copy of your current passport (s) showing name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number and issuing country.


2.    Original excerpt of full birth record or certified copy of full birth certificate (i.e. birth document that also includes your parent’s details, or a household register, family book etc.)


3.   1 original Bank reference Letter issued by an internationally recognized bank, not older than 6 months.


4.   1 original professional reference (e.g. from an attorney, notary public, chartered accountant, or other professional of similar standing), not older than 6 months


5.    1 original document of evidence of residential address (e.g. certified copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement showing full name and address, or written confirmation from a bank, attorney, chartered accountant or notary public)


6.   Original Police Record or Police Certificate from country of citizenship. (unless you can provide satisfactory evidence that you have never lived there) Document must not be older than 6 months


7.  Certified copy of military records (IF APPLICABLE)


8.    Certified copy of proof of name change (IF APPLICABLE, i.e. statutory declaration, adoption papers etc.)


9.    Certified copy of your current national identity card (s)


10.  6 original passport-size photos of yourself taken within the past 6 months.


11.  Investment Confirmation / Escrow Deposit Evidence  - i.e. in the case of Real Estate option:  copy of duly executed real-estate contract (Purchase and Sales Agreement), evidence of Title Transfer (either deed or certificate of title) Also copy of escrow deposit for purpose of building.


12.  Photograph and Signature Certificate (Form C2)  (This form will be a part of the application form package)


13.  Medical Certificate (Form C3) (This form will be a part of the application form package)



·         Step 4  Forward the application forms (Forms C1, C2 and C3) along with the supporting documents to us “Prestige Trust Company Ltd” P.O.Box 346, Wards Building, Brown Hill, St.John’s Parish, Nevis West Indies.  Upon receipt of your application and supporting documents our Legal advisor will review the entire package to ensure everything is in order.  We then would proceed to submit your application to the office of National Security for processing.  There is a Due Diligence fee, payable to the Government of US$3,500.00 (USD Thirty Five Hundred)



·         Step 5  Sit back and wait, what is happening at this point is The Citizenship by Investment Processing Unit is processing your application.  This involves doing back-ground checks on you, checking for criminal records, sometimes making actual calls to the referees you provided in your reference letters, verifying the authenticity of your documents etc…


·         Step 6  After approximately 2 weeks the Due Diligence process would have been over and the Unit on the verge of making a decision.  A letter would be forwarded to our office indicating whether or not you have been approved for citizenship “in principle”.  If approve the letter would request payment of US$35,000.00 to the Government of St.Kitts & Nevis as application fee. If disapprove it would indicate the reason or reasons for disapproval.


·         Step 7  Assuming that you’ve been approved then you would now move towards making the application fee payment.  You can do this directly to the Government or you can forward to Prestige Trust to remit on your behalf.  Once the payment is made then the Unit will issue your Certificate of Registration as a Citizen of St.Kitts and Nevis.  If you desire to get your passport right away then we will send you the simple passport application form which normally takes 1-2 weeks max to process.  There is however an express service where you can get your passport in 3 business days at a cost of EC$150.00.


        Step 8 We forward your new Certificate of Registration document and passport to   the              address  you provide.

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